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About Made in Youngstown


Mark and his ever-patient dog, Hector.

The blogger and the barker: Mark and his ever-patient dog, Hector.

This Weblog combines my interest in history, architecture, American culture and preservation. On occasion, I’ll write about my dog, Hector, and all his barking brilliance.


3 Comments on “About Made in Youngstown”

  1. I found your blog and noted your interest in architecture and preservation, so I thought I’d tell you about Heritage Conservation Network, which I co-founded in 2001.

    Heritage Conservation Network is a non-profit organization that supports community-based heritage conservation efforts in the US and around the world by providing technical assistance, training, and volunteers for preservation projects. Our long-term goal is to effect change through the power of historic preservation. In the more immediate term, we organize building conservation workshops that provide meaningful (and fun), hands-on opportunities to preserve buildings and other aspects of cultural heritage. HCN’s workshops not only protect the past, they build communities, restore housing, and promote economic sustainability, all through the ecologically “green” approach of historic preservation.

    We’d love to have you at one of our workshops – learn more at Or find our page on Facebook.

    I’ve enjoyed your posts!

  2. Tammi Erdman says:

    I was hoping you could help me identify building. Do you have an email address I can send a picture to?

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